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Battle of the Covers Special: Battle of the Champions

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Guess what! Today marks exactly one month since the first round of Battle of the Covers! And to celebrate I have decided to be a bit difficult and try doing things differently.


Below are the winners of the first eight rounds of Battle of the Covers. Your task is to decide which of these winners did the best job of covering their song. Note that "best job" doesn't by any means mean truest to the original. Carina Round, for example, won her round by making the song her own while her competitors were basically just tweaking the original to fit a genre. The Gimmies won their round by taking a soulful, cherished classic and making it ridiculous. (The Muppets won by being the Muppets, and by everyone else being terrible). The best cover may well be one that's truest to the original, but it doesn't have to be.

In an interest to fairness I made an executive decision to remove Ram Jam (who tied with Spiderbait for best cover of "Black Betty") and The Animals (who won best cover of "House of the Rising Sun"). As their two covers are generally considered the "original" versions of the songs I felt including them would skew the results.


Here are your (first) elite eight:

Spiderbait: Black Betty

Red Hot Chili Peppers: Search and Destroy

Five Finger Death Punch: House of the Rising Sun

Lacuna Coil: Enjoy the Silence

Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies: A Natural Woman

Carina Round: Come Undone

The Muppets: Smells Like Teen Spirit

Local H: Toxic

Results from Friday's round (Holding Out For A Hero) will be posted on Wednesday. Don't forget to make your guesses on the identities of the artists in the "FIGHT" box.

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