It has been a busy week, Oppo. So busy I haven't been able to do any cover research. I had to skip Battle of the Covers on Wednesday, and now, to prevent another miss, I'm doing another special round. We've already battled to determine the best of the best, now it's time to establish the worst of the worst.


It finally happened. A single artist has simultaneously achieved "best cover" and "worst cover." Megadeth lead most of the last round, and with only two hours left in the voting still held a four vote edge over Motley Crue. But somehow in the final hours Crue managed to garner the five votes it needed to score the "best cover" win. Their win for "worst cover" wasn't nearly as dramatic as they lead from the very first ballot cast. Ultimately they took it by two votes over The Ukranians.

So now, to determine the worst of the covers. Here are the worst from the first eight rounds.


Tom Jones: Black Betty

Kid Loco: Search and Destroy

Dolly Parton: House of the Rising Sun

Tori Amos: Enjoy the Silence

Rod Stewart: Natural Woman

It Dies Today: Come Undone

Paul Anka: Smells Like Teen Spirit

Christopher Dallman: Toxic

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