Man, it's been a while. Yes, we set off to determine the worst of the covers on Friday (POLLS STILL OPEN! VOTEVOTEVOTEVOTE!), but the last proper cover battle was a full week ago. So let's light this candle and get back into it with a request from Leicester.

Thunderstruck is a song of simple origins, really. It was basically a melting pot of ideas from the Young brothers. Angus Young had a guitar riff he'd been toying with, Malcolm had a rhythm he'd been sitting on that paired with it perfectly. They toyed with the combination for a few months, trying to come up with lyrics, before hitting on Thunder as the theme, a decision made because it tied in with the "power" motif of the name AC/DC. I was a simple idea, but it paid dividends, as it achieved top 10 positions on multiple charts and is considered one of the greatest rock songs of all time.


I'm warning you now, some of these get ugly...

Blizzard Brothers - (2001)

Beat Crusaders - (2008)

Hellsongs - (2008)

Hinder - (2008)

Panzerballet - (2008)

David Garrett - (2009)

Ministry - (2010)

Two Cellos - (2014)


LEST YE FORGET! If you want to check back on the results of previous rounds, or see what covers are coming in future rounds, there is a Google Drive spreadsheet with past rounds and the upcoming battle schedule.