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Battle of the Covers: Titanium

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Remember that whole Battle of the Covers thing last year? Whatever happened to that?


Surprise! I’m in Austin still and I’ve got some (a lot) of downtime, so I decided to revive Battle of the Covers. I don’t know yet if this will be a one-off or a full return, but we’ll see how it goes. I’m hoping for a full return because I’ve got some great stuff for The Sound Of Silence. As for this round’s song, we’re using a recent hit, David Guetta’s Titanium, because reasons.

Titanium, released in 2011, was written by Guetta, Sia, Giorgio Turanfort, and Afrojack. After the song was written a demo was recorded with Sia providing the vocals, which was then sent to various female artists in the hopes of getting one of them to sign on to do the vocals in the final version. Katy Perry turned it down, as did Alicia Keys, and Mary J Blige recorded a version which ended up being leaked online, but in the end David Guetta decided to stick with Sia’s demo recording for the final version, releasing it as it was. This upset Sia because he released it without her knowing, and did so just after Sia had retired as a singer and was attempting to transition into simply being a pop songwriter. Titanium was a hit though, and charted top ten in over a dozen countries, including reaching #1 in the U.K. It’s time on the air in the States was ultimately cut “short” (it had an eight month run) when it and a few other songs were pulled from the air after the Sandy Hook shooting.


And now for our covers. We’ve got eight entries this time. As usual I tried to get a range of different styles. It was a tough selection as there are some great indie performances and some... “interesting” covers as well. Give them a listen and cast your vote!

Bastille - (2012)

Within Temptation - (2012)

Boyce Avenue - (2012)

Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox - (2012)

Grant Scott - (2012)

Static Era - (2013)

Charice - (2013)

Ely Bruna - (2015)

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