Battle of the Covers: Toxic (Request)

I know, I'm just as surprised as you. Of all the songs I expected for cover requests Britney Spears was definitely on my radar. And who would believe there were even enough covers of "Toxic" to make a battle. But Vorspringing did indeed suggest it, and the covers are there. So let's do as the boys in my eighth grade classes often did and fight over Britney Spears.


Round 7 was a perfect demonstration of the sentiment that not all songs can be covered, as the available covers were pretty much all a varying shade of terrible. With ten contenders in the running (and some even worse covers posted in the comments), there was enough awful to last a lifetime, and the voting proved this as every single cover received at least one vote for "worst." The battle for best of this worst started with The Muppets taking an early lead, but lounge singer Richard [Dick] Cheese fought back, and as we went into the final hour of voting the two were tied at ten votes each. The Muppets held an emergency telethon and managed to raise four pledge votes, giving them the win over Cheese by three. Meanwhile in the battle for worst, Abigal (who deserves an award for worst lip syncing) took an early lead, but in the final hours was passed by Paul Anka, who ended up beating her by two votes. A surge in anti-furry sentiment saw the votes for The Muppets rise to tie Abigal as the polls closed as well. At least Abigal can shimmy away with the distinguished title of "only competitor without a vote for best cover."

Toxic was released in January 2004 as the second single of Britney Spears' fourth album, In The Zone. It was a global hit, achieving top-5 chart status in fifteen different countries, and is considered the strongest track of the album. Written by Cathy Dennis, Henrik Jonback, Christian Karlsson and Pontus Winnberg, it was originally offered to Kylie Minogue, but Minogue turned it down. She later referred to the song as "the fish that got away."

As usual there were some entertaining (read: terrible) covers that showed up during my search, with the crown jewel being this rendition by German Country band "The BossHoss" (yes, you really did read that right). I tried to keep this one to genuinely decent covers. Here's what we've got:

Juliet Turner - (2004)

Local H - 2005

Chapin Sisters - (2005)

Mark Ronson - (2007)

Hard-Fi - (2007)

A Static Lullaby - (2009)

Christopher Dallman - (2009)

Blowsight - (2011)


AND DON'T FORGET! If you want to check back on the results of previous rounds, or see what covers are coming in future rounds, there is now a Google Drive spreadsheet with past rounds and the upcoming battle schedule.

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