Battle of the garage floor paint

Oppo, have you ever applied one of these to your garage floor, and what worked better?


One is epoxy - it is cheaper, but it takes longer to cure.

Other is Polycuramine - it is almost double the cost, cures faster, and it is advertised as 20x stronger than epoxy.


My wife convinced me to move up north to Fort Collins, and we just signed a builders contract. If my heart doesn’t give up in next 6-8 months because of the expected mortgage, we will have a 3 car tandem garage + 4th car garage, with tons of space.

So, it will be brand new concrete. I am not sure if they seal it or not - if it is sealed, I’d need to scour the whole floor and use something to etch it before I apply. It seems the process to get the surface ready is a PITA - scouring, etching, sweeping, powerwashing, drying, and then you can apply and wait 1-3 days before you can drive over it. I’m not sure if I have that kind of patience. But, the final product looks way better than dusty, bare concrete.


Oppo, any thoughts and experiences you’re willing to share?

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