OK, so after reading SwissTony's post about buying his convertible E30 (nicely done, BTW), I got on Craigslist, as I do, and did some searching.

Anyway, I happened across a convertible Baur E30. The ad says it's "rare" and to that end I guess it's true - I've seen a few on CL so I know we're not talking unicorn here, but you don't see them every day either.

Does anyone have any read on these? They're sort of a half-assed convertible; I think they were built in absence of a factory model. Not that I'm considering buying one of these - I'm just wasting time and space on the internet, this evening...

[Also: Not sure why it's listed as a "325i 320i" - either the owner doesn't know exactly what he has or it has two different engines in it]