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BC Oppo's: The End is Nigh

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Hello fellow BC Oppo’s and other Oppo readers. More bad news from North America’s worst place to own a vehicle. It looks like all red-light cameras are being upgraded to catch speeders as well. This is specifically a revenue generating opportunity for ICBC.


For the rest of Oppo, we in BC have to purchase our basic insurance ($200,000 min.) from a Crown Corporation. That means it is a company who’s only shareholder is our government. They’ve managed to lose $1.3 Billion in the last year and so we’re currently experiencing what can only be described as a massive overhaul to every aspect of vehicular life in this province.

Tack on the possiblity of distance tolling (charging $ per km) and $1.50L gas, we are totally fucked.


Anyway, here is a helpful map of all the redlight speed camera’s that are now photoradar machines.

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