Nailed my head today on the bottom of our pool and felt/heard a *crunch*. My inner lifeguard (four years of guarding) got me to the side and up, then lying down and not moving and telling my family to call an ambulance. Pretty much ruined the family reunion taking place at the time. Firehouse is kitty corner from us, so EMTs were there in two shakes of a tail feather, strapping me onto the board and braced.

One CT scan later they say I’m okay, but head turning and other neck-bending activities are still sore. But I can feel my toes and move my fingers, so I will always be grateful for that. Kept joking, though because I was so nervous of permanent damage:

Doc: “How tall are you?”

Me: “5 foot 10 ...... Maybe a bit shorter now.”

Do not take chances with anything that resembles a serious head injury. Ever. Even if they seem kinda trivial. My dad years ago stood up and whacked a steel beam while wearing a hardhat on a job site. Got back up after being knocked flat and finished his day. He still can’t turn his neck left more than a few degrees left now.

Please be safe.