I was on a four-lane divided highway with heavy traffic. There were lots of people swerving in and out because there are always a few blockheads driving 10 below the limit in both lanes. Par for the course down here.

We all got caught at a light, but it appears all the jackrabbits were in the right lane ahead of me. the speed limit is 65, but by the time we got to speed, we were probably doing closer to 70. I had five car lengths between myself and the Elantra ahead of me. She had about the same between herself and the Maxima ahead of her.

The traffic suddenly slowed ahead of the Maxima. I could see all the brake lights, so I started slowing down myself. The lady in the Elantra didn’t.

She realized at the last second that traffic was stopped and she tried to dodge left, but she didn’t make it. I’m not sure she even hit the brakes.

She destroyed the front end of her Elantra with the back end of the Maxima. It was one of the hardest hits I've seen. Parts went flying everywhere. After the impact, her car spun right and stopped just before it hit the guard rail. I stopped behind her, put the hazards on, walked up to make sure everyone was ok while dialing 911.


The Maxima slid over 100 feet and stopped just short of going into the ditch. That was a really good thing since Louisiana doesn’t mess around when they make ditches. That one was a good 10 feet deep before reaching the water.

I went to check on the people in the Maxima next. The last had three kids in the back. Fortunately, they were all belted in or in a car seat. One of the boys was complaining of back pain and I suggested that she not move them, but the woman was a nurse and decided that consoling her kids was more important than worrying about further injury. She even refused ambulance service despite her child’s complaints about back pain. I’m not sure what she was thinking, but I don’t thinks she was making good decisions.


I stuck around long enough to wait for the police and ambulance, give my information to the police as a witness, and offer my information to the woman who was hit. Surprisingly, she was really reluctant to take it. I think she thought I was in the car that hit her. The cop said my testimony is moot. In Louisiana, the rear-ender is always at fault.

So, be careful out there Oppo. Put away your phones and focus on the task at hand.