Some guy wants to borrow your car? Tell him what I do: “No.” Or at least, before you say Yes, you need to consider a few things. As I explain in this week’s podcast.

I know many of you think I am paranoid but I am just an attorney. And we tend to be a bit on the careful side. So, before you lend your car to someone, you need to know all the ramifications. (I have written about this topic before, in case you want to read about this rather than hear or watch it.)

Will you be liable for the harm they cause when they get in an accident in your car? Probably. You’re OK with that? No problem - just be aware of it.

How about if they go out and commit a crime with it? You didn’t know your co-worker was planning on picking up a hooker with your car during his lunch break? It might not matter: you need to go get your car out of the impound lot. If you can.

And, of course, they may not even drive or park it carefully. I know people I won’t let RIDE in my car. Drive it? Dream on. Here’s the audio:


And the video:

The pic at the top was taken in a hotel parking lot near the winged car convention in Alabama, October 2015. If that was my car? No, you could not borrow it. But thanks for asking.


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Steve Lehto has been practicing law for 24 years, almost exclusively in consumer protection and Michigan lemon law. He wrote The Lemon Law Bible and Chrysler’s Turbine Car: The Rise and Fall of Detroit’s Coolest Creation.


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