Be safe out there - you're surrounded by clueless idiots...

Was just coming home and exited a highway (speed limit 55). Pulled up to a stoplight to turn right, and was right behind a Camry (of course it was a Camry), with a *completely* flat right rear tire.

The guy took off normally (quickly even) from the light, and I sped up to catch up to him - and caught him at the next red light. I opened my window and look over, honking multiple times. It’s a guy about 85++ years old, and gave no indication that he heard me - perhaps couldn’t hear, or maybe was afraid I was some road rager, who knows.


Saw him again 5 minutes later, pulling out of a parking space in town, but couldn’t get his attention then, either.

Let’s just hope that he doesn’t have to make a quick left turn any time soon...

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