What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

This is a Chance to Show Off Your Car!

Would you like your car to be the star in an upcoming film? RightFootDown will be producing a series of 15 minute videos, each featuring a unique street car that has been modified by it's owner to perform better than factory. To prove (or disprove) this, our hosts will pilot your car on the street and on the track, providing their feedback and driving impressions.


We have partnered with a local driver's education program to provide RFD with roughly 30 minutes of private track time for the purpose of filming. Our local tracks are Dominion Raceway and Summit Point. While under construction, Dominion Raceway is preferred and is scheduled to be complete in the spring of 2015. Filming may begin as early as April 2015.


What to Expect if You Are Selected

Don't have to own an all-out race car? Good! That's not what we want! Mild bolt-on builds are great so long as the modifications are functional and designed to turn faster laps.


If you are selected to be a guest there are a handful of things you should expect:

  • Plan on spending much of the day on the road and with our small film crew
  • Pay for your own gas (though RFD might chip in)
  • Film and audio equipment will be mounted to your car
  • An hour or more of spirited street driving by our host is possible
  • Your car must be clean (we may actually film this segment with the assistance of models)
  • Your car must pass a track inspection for safety (good brakes, good wheel bearings, tight lugs, no loose items in the car, etc)
  • You are welcome to ride as a passenger while filming (incl on-track unless NASA advises otherwise)
  • Your car will be piloted by a seasoned driving instructor on track in 20 to 30 minutes sessions that could total one hour
  • Your car and modifications will be critiqued

To be honest, much of this is subject to change as we have not finalized plans but more or less should be the direction of the day and show. We welcome feedback from all candidates applying and will work with and accommodate them to the best of our ability


How to Apply

Submit the following to RightFootDownChannel@gmail.com

  1. Your full name, location (city,state) and phone number
  2. Your vehicle's Year, Make, Model and a detailed modification list
  3. A few high resolution photos of your car
  4. 2-3 paragraphs telling us about yourself, track experience (if any) and why your car should be selected

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