“I feel that life is measured in achievement, not in years alone.”
“I feel that life is measured in achievement, not in years alone.”
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Saw this ad for an imperfect-but-good little Taco. My radar went off when I noticed to low price. Here, even RWD Tacos command a premium. I noticed the entire tone of the ad was defensive and terse. So I dug more for the inevitable “catch.”



“I do NOT have a hard copy of the Title to the vehicle. This isn’t a big deal. The DOL can transfer the title using my current registration and drivers license. I have called them recently to confirm this”


BLATANT. LIES. The DOL has nothing to do with cars titles in WA. That would be the DMV (yeah, living here is fun sometimes). Further, on all WA vehicle registration forms, they will all say in big bold letter: “THIS REGISTRATION IS NOT PROOF OF OWNERSHIP.” Because, again, the DOL does not do title transfers or titles on cars, that would be our DMV. It is true that your driver’s license number is assigned to a car when you first transfer the title, but again, you need a title, and again, that’s the DMV, not the DOL.

You *can* reorder a new title quite easily for yyourself on a car you *already* own should you misplace your title, if you go into a DMV office with your ID, fill out a form, pay 60 bucks or whatever, and wait 4 to 8 weeks. I’ve done that twice with no fuss. The fact that this guy couldn’t be bother to do that means, 1) he’s a prick, or 2) he can’t get a title or never had one, because shenanigans.


But if you buy this truck and go to the DOL, they’ll say, “That would be the DMV, you need to go there.” And then you’ll show up at the DMV with no signed title or bill of sale (which is literally torn off the title after you fill it out), claiming you now own this car. I think you’ll be SOL.

Other seller red flags? Only the two other best ones left:

- AC needs recharge

- muh KBB valyooos

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