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Bear-ly got enough sleep last night

Well, this was a first. We had a visit from a bear last night at 2am. I’m not used to it so I have no problem admitting that I was a bit scared. [Edit for clarity - we are in Colorado for two weeks to escape the Houston heat.]

Illustration for article titled Bear-ly got enough sleep last night
Photo: It’s like the door was bear-ly there...

That 2x4 was in place as a crossbar, but instead of figuring out how to lift it, he just broke down the door. The trash can lids have a pin with a cotter pin locking them closed, so he (or she) just pried a paw in between the lid and the can.

I wasn’t able to get a picture, mostly because I was not thinking straight and my biggest concern was making sure the bear didn’t try to come into the house. He looked to be about 3-4 feet high when on all fours. Pretty sure it was a black bear, since I was frantically searching for what to do on my iPad. Found a page that gave the distinguishing features between brown and black bears.


Have to call the property management company this morning and see what they want to do. Oh well, makes for an interesting story since there was no real harm done.

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