Sitting here trying not to shit myself.

Coincidence #1: I decided to be a good son this weekend and go with my dad to a local brewery. My dad has just started getting into the #Brewlopnik crowd and was meeting some military buddies that live up near the brewery. Long story short I actually had fun, and the waiter had an awesome beard. That part is important. The beard. Later yesterday, I went back into town to go see Mockingjay with a friend, and I shit you not the guy in line in front of us, DIRECTLY IN FRONT of us, is the awesome bearded waiter from the brewery. I say 'sup and he said 'sup and then I shrugged off the coincidence.

Coincidence #2: Sitting in the car last night, coming home from saying 'sup to the beard guy and seeing Mockingjay, listening to a Beyonce song. Don't judge me, but I was trying to use an app to see what the name was, and the app wasn't coming up with any results. I know it's a really popular, older song. I decided to go through all the songs similar to it that I knew in my head, and one of them was Independent Woman, which isn't a Beyonce song but I thought at least the title sounded like one. 2 minutes later, the song finished and I change the radio station, I shit you naught, at the exact moment Kelly Clarkson's Independent Woman starts playing on a 'mix' station. I just smiled at the absurdity of it, and sang my little 5'6" 21 yr old male's heart out.

Coincidence #3: Earlier today while closing up the Jimmy John's, me and my (high school age) friends were discussing whether or not any dimension beyond the fourth, which is time, are legitimate. My friend goes into multiple theories of how there's multiple universes with the possibility of different dimensions. He mentions, by name, the String Theory. I get home, forget about my lame high school co-workers, start watching Episode 3 of Season 2 of The West Wing, a 10 year old show that is now streaming on Netflix revolving around the executive branch of the US government, and there's a 5 minute scene discussing String Theory.

  1. What is happening?
  2. Why is it happening?
  3. Is it happening to anybody else?
  4. Can I control it/take advantage of it?

Is the fourth dimension fucking with me? Is my third dimension self getting messed with by the fourth dimension? Or mocked by all the other dimensions I don't believe are possible?! I'll have to consult one of my high school co-workers for advice.


In all honesty, I am a little freaked out. Thanks for reading. Hope you laughed, but this stuff is seriously getting weird.