A while ago I wrapped a hose clamp around the manifold-to-cat flange on the crown vic’s exhaust, which had one stud and one hunk of rust which did not hold anything together. This worked to quiet down the leak, but over time it has opened back up and was getting loud again.

I was originally going to crawl underneath the car and try to crank down on the hose clamp some more, but then I had an idea - and after some contortions, it’s in place.

High-quality annotation courtesy of Paint


That’s right - there is now a 2" C-clamp holding the loose side of the flange together. This was (barely) accessible from the top (which is good because it’s scary under this car - you can see just how rusty everything is) and should hold even tighter than the hose clamp would have. If it loosens up a bit, I can just tighten it back up (unless it falls off, then I need a new clamp). The process of getting my hands in there only hurts a lot.

Time to go for a bit of a drive and see how it works.