I’m looking at buying a $1500 truck to use only for plowing, for this winter at least. Driveway is too big for a snowblower, tractors are too expensive.

Searching for plow trucks on my local CL is at least quite entertaining, if also a bit frustrating - I think I’ve missed two good options already, a ~$2k (asking) F250 with no “known” issues, and a diesel F350 that was uninspectable (duh) but otherwise fine, though it was priced at $2,500. I’d be ok at above $2k for something I know I can re-sell, especially a diesel.


Haven’t found any great options since those both disappeared (one ‘96 that’s stuck in 4-low, no big deal, but oh it also “just needs a jump” mmm hmm). It’s also over an hour away.

This is my favorite one so far, not to buy, but for the listing - 2004 Dodge $2400

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Here’s the description (emphasis mine):

runs.....engine issue was repaired

drives,i have been told there may be an issue shifting

stops....appears to be in working order

miles?.....224,000 well loved im sure

rust?....yes,rear wheel area......end of cab elbows/corners

frame?...yes....appears to be good


sticker?.....unknown......not inspected

driver seat ?......eh......to .....uggg

rear tires replaced last year

taken off the road in july,,,,,needs extensive exhaust repairs?......what?...the entire system....manifolds appear to be good.....however.....

there is a hitch out the back.....good/bad.....dont know

glass is good

i am not seeking any offers or trades

having looked this up......crappy condition is 3400....average trade is 4350

i am in no rush //////winter is coming and has the promise of not being a good one either

can ya drive it home.......you decide....not me...

i have proper papers,yes

serious inquiries please

do not text me thanks


Then there’s this, which, if it wasn’t over an hour from me, I might actually go look at. Because Tahoe? Plow was probably added late in its life, it’s probably not as bad overall as some of the heavy-duty trucks that plowed for 16 hours straight every time it snowed for the last decade.


2001 Tahoe, $1,500

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I did at least LOOK at tractors on Craigslist, and there’s nothing under $10k that would really do the job. For that kind of money, I’d rather have an inspectable truck that I could actually, you know, drive on the road too.


Or hell, I’ll put a plow on my ‘61 and use that for just the driveway.

Stay tuned. 

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