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Beater / project car ideas

Oppo’s, I need a recommendation for a good winter car AND project car. It might sound a little backwards to some but:

Current DD is a FRS, it made it through the winter but with snow and hills it was rough. Next winter I want something to get around in easier that ISN’T a complete bore.


Requirements: AWD, 4x4, FWD or a RWD (least preferable) if the car is fun enough.

When there isn’t snow on the ground, I want something interesting enough to work on, fix up.


Price: Under $5k. The lower the better.

Cars that have crossed my radar so far: An old WRX, old pickups (65 Ford F100), AMC Eagle SX4 (If I could find one), Old Hondas (Civic, Integra)...


So Oppo, GO! Give me your best ideas

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