Beater Status: Achievement Unlocked - Held Together With Junk

My heat shield fell down and has been rattling on my exhaust. This was annoying so I decided to fix it.

Step 1 - The beginning.


On this side the rivet had simply come out. Slap a new rivet in there and it’s like OEM quality instillation.

Step 2 - Simply and add lightness.

I don’t know what this clamp was supposed to be doing but it clearly isn’t doing it an longer.



Step 3 - A wild setback appears.


The end of the bracket has broken off and this hole will not reach where the rivet goes.

Step 4 - Fabricating.


Cut out a chunk of license plate and drill two holes in it for rivets.

Step 5 - It’s over!


One rivet to connect my bracket to the heat shield and one to connect the whole deal to the car.

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