All too often, a car will strike me as really attractive, and then it will suck. A few examples come to mind instantly for me and I'm wondering what else you all would think of:

Chrysler Crossfire

The Crossfire has polarizing looks, but I have always liked it a lot. It's one of the only <$15,000 cars on the road that I can't take my eyes off of. Sometimes I still kick myself for not considering one more seriously before buying my R53. If I had bought one, I could get my ass kicked even worse at the local autocross! The SRTs weren't as bad, but overall, the Crossfire was just a bad version of an already mediocre Mercedes. Interior isn't its strong suit either - these were designed when Daimler was busy gutting Chrysler.

Hyundai Veloster


A car that looks this fast should not be this slow.

Honda CR-Z


When I was born, my parents both drove CR-Xs. They sold the first one promptly when I arrived and the other when I was 3 or 4. My mom still loves to tell the story of me riding around in my Cozy Coupe mumbling, "No one asked me if I wanted to sell the CR-X. I liked the CR-X. We should have kept the CR-X". Turns out, I was right. A stock CR-X si with a manual? Impeccable taste, young Ryan. Anyways, the CR-Z was supposed to be the second coming of one of the most fun cars of all time. Needless to say, that's not what we got. Looks great though.

Every Maserati in the last 20 Years


Maybe this is where I'll get flamed. Maseratis are gorgeous. They are also perfect for the individual who wants to pay Ferrari money without Ferrari performance.