Beautiful day for some cruising and disc golf

Went out on a drive to check out the #1 disc golf course in the state of Texas according to disc golf scene. This was also a good excuse to drive the Challenger rental a bit and see how I like it. Being mostly highway between Dallas and Waco, I actually managed to average about 23mpg which is generally better than my STi would have done under the same conditions. Highway passing is addictive but it is way too easy to end up in triple digits without realizing it. I have more fun though just being the first in line at a traffic light, especially if there are some high walls or even better, a tunnel around. I tested out the “SPORT” button and it definitely makes the car shift wayyyyy faster. I managed a 5.7 sec 0-60 without trying too hard with sport mode engaged. Definitely gotta try hitting the reported 5.1 second time from Car and Driver at some point.


After the ~90 minute drive, I played at what was definitely a top tier disc golf course. Unbeknownst to me, there was also a PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association) pro tour event going on sooo it was a bit crowded and was quite the zoo around. This park had two full sized disc golf courses, one on either side of the river. I first checked out the course with the PDGA event going on. There were TV camera crews, crowds following the players, and even dudes holding the “QUIET PLEASE” signs like you would see at regular golf tournaments on TV. Was quite the spectacle and I assume there were famous disc golfers on site. But I have no idea anything about that scene and was just there to play.

I played at the other course and had a great time! On the 18 holes, I managed to end up +3 by the end. The annoying part was that this was mainly due to one hole where I just sucked at putting and was +2 on that hole alone. With two other holes at -1 and three others at +1, I ended up with a decent final score for my first time on the course. I like the 3 new discs I ordered on amazon since I had not packed my normal set, a couple new drivers and a putter. I felt VERY out of place with all the other people I saw using carts full of dozens of discs, but I was just there for fun!

Overall it was a beautiful day, just a great day to walk around and enjoy some sun. It had been raining most of the week and considering it is the dead of winter still, I was happy to get out and play. The drive home took a bit longer due to traffic and getting lost after my phone died. But I made it back to the hotel and now can relax, eat some dinner, and get to bed early. Tomorrow is going to be a long day with the drive to Oklahoma, autocross all day, and then the mad dash back to return the car and get to bed for work on Monday. Woo hoo, cant wait to wake up at 4am... But you know #becauseracecar


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