Beauty in Destruction

Yesterday, I took a hike through Malibu Creek State Park, one of the hard hit areas from the Woolsey Fire this past November. I wanted to enjoy the beautifully clear day, get some ocean views, and get some contrasting views of the burnt landscape throughout the area. It was beautiful in a way, even with the obvious signs of destruction.


Some areas were a stark contrast between burnt remnants of trees on one side of the hill and lush greenery on the other. The new growth was already coming in strong, showing that life was not entirely lost here and that nature was finding a way.

Truly a beautiful day and I had the whole trail to myself to take in the sights and serenity of the mountains. It was a moderate 10 mile hike in total with about 2500 feet of elevation change, starting at about 300 feet ASL at the bottom.

Here are some more pictures:


And my drive after the hike:

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