Why do you drive a Cube? It's a question I hear a lot. Like, so much that I want to punch the next person who asks. Another equally asked question is "Oh is that the new xB?" But that's another story. This story is why I chose a Cube over the car I really wanted (a Mazda 2). Note: This isn't me justifying my purchase to anyone, even if it may read that way.

When I was 17, Scion was in full swing with a huge community that they backed 100%. There were constant car shows that Scion themselves held, including camp outs at drag strips and Owners Days at dealerships. I loved it. I loved it enough to have my first car be a Scion so that way I could partake in the activities. This was when the 1st gen xB was still on sale. I found me a fairly cheap 04 model Scion xB. It needed some help on the exterior but I was going to modify it anyway so that hardly phased me. I worked a very poor paying job at a library (15 hour work week for minimum wage) and saved every penny. I got some parts as hand-me-downs. My father also had a gen1 xB which he totaled shortly before I got mine. He took the wheels and spoiler off to give to me. My brother in law ALSO had a gen1 xB which had been lowered on springs, but when he upgraded to coils, I got the springs (less than 5k miles on them). I bought some LED taillights for it. I loved the damn thing. I was building my own show car.

I had been saving all of my money to get the car repainted completely when the absolute worst thing could have happened happened. Late at night, someone sideswiped my car and kept going. I don't have any pics of the damage anymore but it was catastrophic. I needed a new door, ANOTHER new fender (I already bought 2 as the car originally came with creased fenders) and a new side skirt. Plus the whole paint thing. Insurance gave me 1000 bucks to fix everything. That'd cover the paint maybe but not the replacement parts. My parents gave me the option of getting rid of it, which I took. It was a build I never finished and always regretted not finishing in the back of my mind.


Fast forward 6 years and I was on the hunt for a new car again, I'm at a Mitsubishi dealer looking at a CRZ when I see them. Two Nissan Cubes. My desire to finish that boxy show car came forth and I went to look. One was brown and a base model. One was white and a mid level trim with some options. The brown had a tan interior and nothing else. The white had a black interior and a backup camera and alloy wheels. We took it for a test drive. Sitting inside, it was like a tardis. It was like my first car. Except more modern. I loved it. I bought it. Within 2 weeks, the wheels that were on my Scion were back on this new Cube. Then I bought a front lip. And a spoiler. The showtoaster build can finally continue, except this time I won't stop till it's done.

That's why I chose a Cube, because I wanted to finish modifying a car that I loved dearly.