If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

Because fart cans are so 2001

There’s something to be said for roaring down the street, turning heads for all the wrong reasons as your trash can exhaust deafens the proles. However, there’s more to be said for a quieter, more muted note that hums away quietly in the background and only brings the noise when you really want it.

Enter: the Mugen Twinloop. (Ignore: my dirty bumper)

What can I say? It’s changed the entire car. She’s smooth now, no more rattling the interior trim to pieces at 2000rpm, gone is the unsightly roar at the turn of the key. We’re sophisticated now, don’t you know.


That said, she still knows how to sing...but there’s a time and a place now.


Oh, and I treated her to some new windscreen wipers cause y’know, those are considered a luxury item on this car (and they were a bitch to fit -.-’).

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