After our last installment in the Because GTX Saga and on our way down to the 100 Acre Wood Rally... - there’ll be an update someday, somewhat soon - I received a message from an editor who saw our post on Jalopnik at Zoom Zoom Magazine inquiring as to whether or not we’d be interested in being featured, to which I replied, Fur Shure!

Spoiler Alert to the 100 Acre Wood episode that has yet to be released... we broke down.

(The dreaded transmission failure that’s told to all young GTX’s to scare them away from power and hard launches. FYI the car is back up, running and is stronger, faster, and prettier than before!)

So we dragged the car out to a pretty place, got our serious faces on, and got some pictures taken! Thanks The Rally Takeover, thanks Jalopnik, and thanks to Zoom Zoom!