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Because I don’t have better things to do, I wrapped my roof rack

I didn’t like the bright silver rack once I swapped the wheels out. Since it’s Saturday morning, and my wife and her mom were enjoying a sunny morning on the deck, I decided to grab some 3M 1080 Satin Black vinyl and wrap he rack. It took a little over an hour to do, and I’m pleased with the outcome. Yes, it’s a useless cosmetic mod.



That’s probably it for mods this year for the 4Runner. In the future, I may get the TRD Pro grill, and if I start doing more aggressive trails, sliders at a minimum. I’d go with the Slee slider/steps as both my wife and son use the steps that are on thee currently, so some kind of slider/step combo is required.

I also thought it looked kinda neat sans rack.

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