I’d like to say this: everyone shitting on Offset for not buying J’Mmar a fancy ass car and for giving him an Altima can shut the hell up. The dude wasn’t expecting anything in return and is lucky enough to get a car, and it’s better than him walking every day. And if something were to happen to the hypothetical fancy car, he’d have to pay a shit ton to get it fixed and he doesn’t have that money, so an affordable, cheap, and reliable ride makes perfect sense here. Oh, who am I kidding. None of the shitheads are gonna see this and if they still did, they wouldn’t care, being the stupid internet asswipes they are. This is why I generally hate people. This is also probably why I don’t have rights on Jalopnik either, because even if I were to say this peacefully it would be blown out of proportion into a massive shitshow anyways. And this probably falls under shit stirring so I’ll probably end up deleting this after a few minutes but I just have to get it off my chest. Sorry.