Reupholstered the Miata’s passenger seat last night with tons of help from my girlfriend. Even with the both of us working on us it took four hours for the one seat, though about two hours of that consisted of taking the seat out of the car, discovering I don’t have the right dykes to cut hog rings off, going to Lowe’s, and then coming back. I got these seats from Amazon for $155 and I’m honestly really impressed. The fake leather is extremely soft (gonna do some nekkid driving because window tint) and the fitment is acceptable. The instructions they email you are a joke, however. Anyways, some pictures.


Before, with my faded cloth (and torn up on the driver’s side)

Tools I used (all of them)


The autozone seat cover I had previously covering the seat so that water from the leaky top didn’t get into the foam:

Tomorrow I hope to tackle the other one, and put on a new steering knuckle/spindle. Because bent.