From Jay Lauer’s comment on this:

Hey man, congrats on the purchase. And congrats for taking the dive on a project car and being a doer. I’d way rather Oppo were full of people that took risks and tinkered with project cars.

So, I thought I’d revisit some of my Project Car Hell history... Not in chronological order, and definitely not during the most painful parts of it...

My old Fiat Spider...

My second Volvo 245. I should’ve kept this one. :(


And here’s my first 245, in front of my first 740 and my first 740 wagon.

My first two 740s, together.


The Volvo that started it all, right below.

My first car... 1993 Nissan Sentra, that I swapped over to SE-R suspension, SE-R wheels and Tsuru headlights/grille.


The reason I’m “DancesWithRotors” is because of this FC3C... Another one I shouldn’t have let go of, but tuition was more important than the RX7 at the time.


B13 Sentra, number 2... Paid $200 for it, drove it a while, then traded it for the Volvo 740 that’s pictured behind it.

The 740 project I picked up for a winter beater, that I ended up selling off to get a ‘65 Oldsmobile.


The ‘65 Oldsmobile 98 that was in and out of my life pretty quickly. It was still a fun ride, though.


And finally... My 940 wagon, with my former project Amazon. The 740 I had at the time isn’t pictured here.

I’m not counting my current Dynasty as a project yet, because nowhere near enough on it is broken/needs improvement for it to be considered a project. So, what have y’all had as projects?