My 302 in my Cougar has decided it doesn’t like to make oil pressure at hot idle anymore and I can hear an ever so slight knock when the RPM’s drop after giving it gas in park. When I put my hand on the fender I can feel the vibration from the knock as well. I had a felling a little while back that the bottom end was on borrowed time, but I was hoping for another year or so out of it. The hunt is on for a short block and swap my current heads, camshaft, intake, and other supporting parts onto it.

Couldn’t have happened at a worse time though. Looks like I’ll be using a stock shortblock as opposed to the stroker I was planning on down the road as I just can’t justify $4K right now.....


In the past 5 years I’ve had probably 15 months of driving time with this damn car between the paint, transmission rebuild, and other assorted crap. I posted on a forum I belong to specific to these cars about it. If one of those forum guys shows up with cash I’ll sell it as is. I’m DONE.

The car.....

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