This morning we had 4.5" of wet, sticky snow at home, and JUST before we left the house, the town truck came around and plowed half our cul-de-sac, leaving a) a nice area for me to play in on the other side, and b) a huge snowbank in the middle. The kids were SO excited to do donuts in the car, which I delivered. Then they wanted to bust through the tall snowbank again, and it was still soft enough, so I went driving down the middle of it, but a little sideways.

Well, the wheels on the plowed part of the road hooked up just long enough to straighten the car as I lost momentum; next thing you know I’m high-centered. It’s raining pretty hard and I really don’t want to spend the next 20 minutes on my knees digging snow out from under the car.


I pondered my choices for a few seconds, then remembered that one thing I didn’t get to do over the weekend was to put away the truck. I don’t love it being covered in snow and I can’t drive it on the roads now with the salt. But I sure as hell can yank my car out of tiny snowbank with it!

What could have been a real hassle was only a 5-minute delay. The kids were in my car as I pulled it free and they thought it was the best thing ever. This is after we used the truck this weekend to pull down a standing dead oak tree, which they also thought was the best thing ever, at the time.

Happy Monday! err... Tuesday.