So today was my last day at my old job, and I start my new one on Monday. I celebrated by bringing the Saturn around front and looking it over. The day I brought it home I was just happy to have it here, and the weather has been crappy since, so here we are.

It is not, all things considered, a bad looking little car. It maybe looks a little shabbier than the picture, but there’s no real dents or big scrapes. It is, as they say, good enough.

The interior is fine as well, albeit a bit musty and smelling like several different air fresheners. I’ve already liberated the headliner from its years of dedicated service, and the plan is to have the carpet out of it tomorrow. I think that’ll really make it seem quite a lot cleaner in there.

I really wanted to keep as much of the dashboard in there as possible, but I’ll have to see what we can do once the cage is installed. I’d like it to have a finished look inside, not just gutted. But that’s not exactly a deal breaker.


Probably the single biggest issue with the car right now is that it has virtually no brakes. Pedal to the floor, and it stops eventually. So in my short test drive, I’ve come to this conclusion: it’s a lot torquier than my DD ‘03 Civic. They make about the same power (127 Civic vs 124 Saturn), but the Saturn engine is bigger and feels like it has significantly better bottom end. It also has a cylinder 4 misfire and it needs an upper motor mount, but it feels like it’s pretty good internally for having 270k on it.


All in all, I'm quite happy with it. It's issues are minor and easily fixable, and it should make a (relatively) reliable, (relatively) cheap race car.