I absolutely love my 1997 Buick Riviera, to the point where I’m prepared to spend roughly $1000 over the next year replacing the entire suspension, painting it, and replacing the drivetrain because there’s no car like the car you built yourself. Anyways, because I love it so much I’m planning on taking it on some road trips so my ridiculous car audio setup needs to be a bit more out of the way so I can fit luggage into the Riv’s absolutely hysterically large trunk. The above pic is what I had before. An Xplod 4-channel and a JL audio sub amp screwed into a piece of MDF screwed into the wood false floor of the trunk to keep it from sliding about, with a mass of wires and my defunct “headunitless” bluetooth reciever setup sticking out of a cupholder thingie.

And here’s how far I got before getting tired and going inside. Got the piece of MDF ghetto-mounted to the bottom of the deck with some wood screws (because Jake engineering [tm] ) and the 4-channel mounted. Not sure how I’m going to fit the sub amp on there, and not sure where I’m going to put the sub and it’s hilariously poorly-built plywood sealed enclosure. Despite the poor enclosure, the sub still manages to give me a back massage any time I play modern pop music so... yay? Still probably going to go full idiot and make a custom enclosure for my 15" simply because I’ve had to repair that 12" Memphis about six times since getting it due to garbage quality wires going from the basket terminals through the cone to the motor.