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Because you like fixing things...

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To create the car, we used all seven categories within ourReliability Index and identified the worst performers in each, before combining them to make what we call the ‘HORRIFIC 40RR0R’! With the suspension of an Audi, the gearbox of a Jeep and the electrics of a Mercedes-Benz, the fictional vehicle is a Frankenstein’s monster of the least reliable parts, created in time for Halloween.

The body parts of the HORRIFIC 40RR0R comprise: BMW M5 (2004-2011) engine; Audi RS6 (02-11) axle and suspension; Jeep Grand Cherokee (06-present) gearbox; Mercedes-Benz R-class (04-present) electrics; Fiat Multipla (99-05) braking system; Seat Alhambra (96-present) air-conditioning; Chrysler 300C (05-present) steering system.


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