You may or may not have read my first foray into wrenching, I swapped my summer wheels for winter wheels. It was a big deal. Everyone cheered. Anyways, today I changed my oil!

Over the last few months, my birthday, and Christmas, I’ve been amassing the tools and parts and oil to attempt this feat. Feeling ready, and a couple last minute trips to Advance Auto and Home Depot, I went to the auto skills center nearby this morning. I was supposed to have a friend with me and help him change his WRX oil first but he had to bail and I’ve seen enough YouTube.

I ended up having to wait over an hour for the lift because my friend who was supposed to help gave bad advice. Ass. Otherwise it went smoothly. I kept it pretty clean, used the right tools, and learned some lessons for next time. I also took the time to give my underside a good examination and took pictures for future analysis. The biggest problem I ended up having was difficulty removing the filter/cover because of the surrounding body and cables. It all worked out though and I left the bay after adding ~8 qts, cleaning my tools and the area, and properly disposing of the disposables.


Annoyingly, the Cayman has no dipstick and I couldn’t seem to trick the electronic volume gauge to display. It’s supposed to be warmed up and people say about 15 minutes driving is enough. Also, turning the car off and on can reset it. Nothing worked. However, the oil temp was reporting as expected and I didn’t smell anything or see any leaks. So I ventured forth.

Some hours, a Patriots win, and a few chores later I finally got the screen to display! SUCCESS!!!


Thus ends the story of my first ever oil change and on a Porsche no less. You’re welcome.