But not this. She didn’t even have to say no. Her super powered glare was enough. I’m now faced with a tablet repeatedly in my face with, “What about this one...” so I’ll apologize in advance for adult posting.

I’ll ask this. As she is a fan of the metal tube style headboard frame, can a man sleep in that without feeling like it’s a woman’s bed? Here’s an example of a less girly bed that she asked about. Trust me there’s much more frilly examples.


I personally feel they’re quite.....feminine. But more masculine versions come off as a king size prison bed frame of welded square chromoly. Hand cuff ready.

Another crapshoot is the dresser and bureau colors (dark espresso stain) which would of course be impossible to match with anything else bought today.

I don’t know what to do about this. I’m not a fashionable decore guy and being “meh” with the only stipulation that a guy can feel okay about the bed too and no input about it drives her mad.


If I’m not careful, she’ll get what she wants and I can go suck an egg over it.

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