(Sorry for the whole vertical-in-horizontal mode, had to quickly mount the GoPro on the side of the road; this was to capture exhaust noise, not for picture.)

So took the Miata for a local test drive and to bed-in the new OEM Mazda brake pads on some empty country roads. On the way back, a white 4-door 90s Tahoe with dangerously-bright HID/LED headlights tailgates me (I’m doing 5-over the limit already but it’s really only 2.5-mph over because of a very optimistic speedo). Knowing that a bro-mobile is right on my ass, I gently brake as I go from a 45 to a 35-mph zone. The damn Tahoe swerves behind me like I’m brake-checking him...and then proceedes to tell me to “fuck off” as I calmly turn into a neighborhood.

Nice, I’m sure being passive-aggressive and trying to bully smaller vehicles with your big, mean, improperly-lighted Tahoe is totally not compensating for anything smaller-than-average-sized with your body or that fact that daddy won’t let spend any more of his money on douchebag-related merchandise.