I’m back at it updating the 90's out the house. With the main bathroom out of the the way, it’s time to tackle the front bedroom. This room is, by far, the worst looking room in the house with baby blue walls and pink trim. Toss in the builder’s grade crap carpet that was probably put in around 2005ish, and you’ve got a terrible room.

To make matters worse, this room has been painted -badly- more than once since being built in 1990. So far as I can tell, the room has been white, yellow, hot pink, pink, purple and two shades of blue. All this painting hasn’t been done well. There are various colors of paint on windows, metal window trim, doors, outlet covers and switches and outlets themselves. To top it off, I stopped counting at 30 nail, screws and various anchors left in the wall, most of which had been previously painted over more than once. Between the terrible painting and the colors, this room feels like a pre-teen girl was given free reign with the paint and not enough supervision to go with it. My pictures don’t capture how badly this room has been painted, and between the half painted pink baseboards, ceiling and closet, I count four different shades of white/off-white showing in the room.

Getting after it today, I learned that ripping out nasty old carpet is cathartic, and I wasn’t surprised to see el cheapo padding under el cheapo carpet.


Once that nastiness was thrown in the back of the F-150, I spent some quality time scrapping off adhesive residue from the concrete and removing tack board from the perimeter. I was pleased to find the the baseboards are solid wood and not MDF, and I was able to remove them all intact for later reuse. The slab looks to be in pretty good shape, too. After 28 years, there is only one very small crack that runs for about two feet in the middle of the room.

I finished off the evening by spending an hour removing all the seemingly countless nails, screws and anchors in the walls and cleaning up the floor. It feels like I got all the taking stuff out/apart work done, so theoretically everything from here should be on the actually making it better side of the job.


This trim removal tool rocks! I got all the baseboards off intact and with very minimal damage to the wall. If you’ve got more than an occasional, single baseboard to deal with, this thing is well worth picking up.