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Bee Swarms and Daily Drivers

These guys showed up yesterday.

Bee swarms are a good thing. This means there is a healthy colony nearby that split. A queen has left, and she usually takes at least 60% of workers with her. They are looking for a place to live, and will need about 8 quarts of space to build a hive. They are in my tree protecting the queen and waiting for scouts to take them to a new home. They are not aggressive like this - no young to protect, and they want to conserve energy. There have been an unusual number of bees around my pond this year - maybe they were scouts. They should move on soon.


When you have this many vehicles, you don’t really have a daily driver. I drive them all. I will likely take the Vespa today because my wife’s car is blocking the Sunchaser.


You know I had to throw in a couple of pics for you, Oppo. I can't help myself. 

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