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Beef shortage? How about beef from Craigslist?

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Gotta admit, I never thought of this until my BIL mentioned that he is going in with another guy on some beef from Craigslist. Being in TX, I thought that might actually make some sense. A quick search turned up this offer, which actually looks pretty darned good. I just don’t have the freezer space. Lampasas is about an hour drive from me.

Having difficulty getting fresh beef because of Supply Chain Problems? Bypass all if it and buy direct from ranch in Williamson County. I have reserved slots to have two animals butchered in Lampasas.

grass fed beef.

Most people do not need all the meat from a whole calf which will be about 250 to 300# so I am selling 1/4 interest in live animal. It will be delivered to the butcher and you can pickup your share at the butcher in Lampasas.

1/4 interest sells for $320. Prices include butcher charges.

Here is what you will get with 1/4 interest in the .

** 16 packages of Steaks (ribeye, round, T-bone, sirloin)

** 3 packages of Roasts

** 1 package of Brisket

** 2 packages of Short Ribs

** 17 packages of Ground beef (1 # packages)

Total Estimated weight = 60 - 65 #

This figures to be about $5.12 per lb which compares to HEB price for grass fed ground beef of $5.15 to $6.17 per pound and much more for the steaks.

Meat will be cut, wrapped, and frozen by a Lampasas butcher business.


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