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Been a rough week. (not car related)

This was the second week in total that we’ve been able to go to school for five days in a row. First quarter is almost done. Seriously. We’ve missed over a week for hurricane BS - because Florence was a big threat and Michael knocked out power to half the district.

Kids were little maniacs on Friday because both the Math and ELA assessments fell that day. By 2:45 they were bouncing off the walls. By 3:20 I had to raise my voice. I’m starting Monday with a refresher on what it means to show respect - and I’m going to start carrying a discipline clipboard to make notes.


Anyway, I came home Friday to a condolence card from the vet’s office. My next tattoo will be Scooter’s paw print.


It means a lot to me that all the vet techs that worked with Scooter wrote notes. Dr. Mac even got choked up when administering the medication to euthanize him.


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