So, I’ve been absent from Oppo for a while...I think probably since right after I sold my Miatas in October or so. Lots has changed since then: I got my CDL, my wife is pregnant with our second child, changed jobs a couple times. But now I’ve done something about my car-lessness and I’m back.

The thing I’ve done is buy a 1987 Chevy Monte Carlo SS. Now, it is not a particularly good Monte Carlo SS...but for the $850 I paid, I think it’s good. Its all stock aside from a true dual exhaust, the driver’s side exhaust tip of which has fallen (rusted?) off. Hard top, console/buckets, I didn’t think to check the build tag to see if its got a posi rear end but its a 305 it won’t spin one rear tire, let alone two to necessitate a posi.


I would have liked t-tops, but I don’t really care a ton. The paint is actually reasonably good, the underside is good from the rear axle forward...after that theres some perforation in the frame rails (I’m told thats a common problem area on them) and in the trunk itself. The PO had a go at fixing the rear quarter panel, and it didn’t come out great. Oh, also the starter sounds like a sack of hammers.

The interior though is shockingly good. I didn’t see any rips, the dash isn’t cracked, even the headliner isn’t sagging. Smells good inside too, not the least bit musty. Also the left rear tire was junk, so while I haven’t picked up the car yet, I took the wheel (as you can see, theres a Centerline on the LR of the car in the picture) to my local used tire shop and they mounted a decent tire for me for $30.

The short term plan is to change the starter, fix the exhaust, and drive it. Over the winter my dad and I are going to work on building a motor for it, and ultimately I’d like to 6-speed swap it, drop it, and do a vintage NASCAR kind of thing...radius the wheel wells, big ol fat slicks, that sort of thing. No rush on it, I’ve got home renovations to do before the second kid is born (November, apparently) and I won’t do anything but the starter and exhaust until that stuff is at least underway.

Good to be back.

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