So, I haven’t been around for a couple months. Not even lurking.

I got absorbed in a couple things(watch modding and hanging out on watchuseek at the bsht thread mostly and sheep) but had my attention abruptly jerked back to the auto world last week.


I have a 1991 Mazda B2600i that I swapped a Mitsubishi 4d55t motor into.

I have put 12k on a motor that already had 225k on it. I had a piston collapse last week. I was going to rebuild it with a 4d56 head and resleeve kit. But found I could get a short block for not much more. I could also get full long blocks and full turnkey motors. If I could figure how to maneuver the customs process.


I was going to order one from Canada, a current Hyundai production. But the guy at rising sun auto (self proclaimed west coast 4d56 specialist)in New Westminster, BC told me I am 5th in line(and 4th us customer) for a motor and they have 2 in stock. So I can wait 3 months.

I have decided I need to become the oregon-based 4d56\d4bf specialist and start importing and selling them down here. I think importing would be a good skill to have anyhow...


Meanwhile, I found on AliExpress of all places new short blocks and heads. Apparently AliEx can import those but not whole engines due to value

So I have a Chinese 4d56 block and head set coming by June 30th. New injectors and water and oil pump as well.


Meanwhile I’m getting ready to pull the current 4d55 ad strip it down, so I can move the ip, manifolds and turbo over.

I’m also going to be working with a friend in film to film the process and review the Chinese motor. Should be fun.

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