I spare you the usual keitrucks and uninteresting cars to focus on the kind of cool stuff... how about starting with a hearse? :)

Toyota Crown Wagon that spent its entire life as a hearse in Gifu prefecture. 1JZ powered too and honestly, it moves! With manual swap I’d really love to daily that thing haha

Then we got the first generation of fuel injected Mini! 1300cc, slightly tuned and a BEAST! The fastest Mini I’ve driven for now. Sadly no Mount Rokko test drive, for now at least, as I destroyed my back missing a step going down the stairs in the middle of the night to feed my noisy cat. Yeeeaaaah! It hurts.... a lot.

And finally since everyone likes keivans (I think... right?), here is a Subaru Sambar Dias. Automatic with a CVT transmisison... Ok that sucks a little but hey, it’s cheap so...

All are probably already sold (well, not sure about he Mini yet), but I wouldn’t mind keeping the Crown and the Mini a bit longer :)