And only just find out my land lord HAS A BRONCO.

Should have taken a picture, but it was basically this with roll cage and sans top/doors

He came by today for general summer prep, turning on sprinkler systems and swamp coolers and such. On my way to the door I see a shiny orange Bronco parked right in front of our house through our front window.

“Is that your Bronco?”

“Oh yeah, it is. That’s my toy, I’m always doing a little work on it at some point.”


Went out to look at it when he was done and talked BRONCO stuff. He doesn’t even run it with doors and a top. The top is pretty rusty, and he doesn’t even have any doors. What was there was clean as a whistle, though. 351 Windsor block with newly installed Fitech EFI and recently upholstered seats.

I always liked the guy, but I never knew he was one of us.

Edit: he returned with sprinkler parts, and I snapped a quick pic.