Trans Am is still a mess. But progress is being made after it sat all winter while I built a work bench and shelving.

I tore it all down to the shell so I can start rebuilding it the way I’ve wanted.

I have some metal work to do though, and that’s where the next part comes in.


(I took that picture before pulling the rear axle) This is the only spot of structural rust. It happens to be on the left rear frame rail right at the spring shackle mount. I might get away with cutting it out and reinforcing what’s left with some scrap steel, or cutting up a donor rail to weld in. But since its hard to get underneath the car to do this...


I’m building a ghetto rotisserie out of a pair of engine stands and some steel I still need to source.

So besides fixin’ that frame rail (and trunk floor) I have a bit of patching to do on the quarters, a couple beads to fill some holes and weld grinding to finish the floor pans that were previously installed and not quite finished, then the body is pretty much done.

Then comes the fun part (which will also come in handy being able to rotate the car 90 degrees or more)


Plumbing the brakes and fuel lines for EFI

Swapping the drums for discs in the back (although I don’t think it belongs to this car, its a 3.23 posi) off an S-Blazer, which apparently is a cheap direct swap.


Adding subframe connectors and then undercoating/painting the underside and suspension/subframe and installing the Energy Suspension urethane bushing kit I have.

Once all that is done and I can start putting it back together I have to source a drivetrain. I’m thinking LS2/LQ4 or 9/LY6/L76... basically a 6.0L LS and a 4L60/65E trans. I’ve got my eye on a few places that sell complete drop outs with a harness and computer, but I want to get the car ready for it before plopping down that much money on something that’s just going to sit in the corner of the garage collecting dust while I work on the body.

But then at least I can drive it and enjoy it a bit while I find the little pieces here and there I am missing (like wiper arms, and a a-pillar trim) or want to upgrade (like the cracked dash and windshield, and faded seats).


The plan is to have it on the road by next spring.

Because I turn 40 next March, and it’ll be a nice present to myself to have it done.