It’s been awhile since I’d even visited Oppo; until last week. A quick warm spell in Michigan and a slew of people bringing out their classics has finally kicked the racecar thoughts. I never did get around to posting the last video from the end of the ‘15 season.

At the time I’d thought I had lost ANOTHER motor and had zero desire to even look at the car. Fortunately, or unfortunately, for me I ended the season prematurely thinking I was staring at a failed bottom end. Trackside trouble shooting left me with a car that was struggling to turn over, and a new battery and quick starter test didn’t remedy it. I’ve been around too many “hard to start” engines that decided to grenade moments later. A post incident oil filter examination showed bits of bearing material. Turns out the builder found no failure in the bottom end and it definitely wasn’t an engine failure.


So, the upcoming season is starting to look promising. I’m going to try and make an attempt at the SCCA Runoffs since they’re so close this year. But it is going to be a crazy one; work and crazy travel up until May, trying to qualify for the Runoffs, some solo and an attempt to go to Solo Nationals. Lots of track time and garage work coming soon!


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