Have so many plans for Ari, going into this spring season. This time around it was a few things. First things first though, to the a** holes who couldn’t properly replace my heater core hoses: f*** you. Really, I don’t like you. Who works on someone’s car, mangles the copper housing going to the heater core, slaps a hose clamp on it and calls it a day? Only a self centered peice of sh*t. Just look at the photo (and this is after much reshaping already took place).

I guess that’s what I get for having to get towed to a random shop on Christmas night on my way from OH to NC and having other people do something I could have easily done myself in a normal situation. Anyways, now that my rant is out of the way... This is what took care of the problem. A swagging tool. Nope. Not gonna make any dumb jokes... too obvious. Shown in the picture below. Lightly hammering into the copper housing, it at least made the mouth wide and round again! I also used a 1/2 inch copper pipe to try to get the rest rounded out a bit better.

After I was satisfied enough with it being round enough to seal properly, I then put back the factory hose and used not one, but two hose clamps (proper oem spring clamps, which will expand and contract with the hose as designed by a proper engineer and not some ‘tighten that sh*t as tight as you can and hope for the best’ kinda bs hose clamp). Anyways here’s the result:


Take that cooling system. Leak on me now punk. So far it seems to be holding and I have redlined many times since. Though this may be temporary, as I do plan on possibly doing a cooling system reroute or at the very least an aluminum radiator in the near future (though I have so much on my list).

Other notable wrenching this week:

H4 headlight conversion! Went with cibie light housings and standard hella 55/60s. No adapter or relay needed with that wattage. They don’t seem to look much brighter head on, but the light output and cut off is night and day, better than the stock sealed beam halogens.


You can’t tell much from the picture, but oh well. They are uniformly bright all across my field of vision and I am very happy with them thus far. Another nice feature is as far as looks go, you’d have to look closely to be able to tell they aren’t oem. Which is exactly what I’m going for, so that’s a plus.

Also got new keys made (which psa: atleast for my ‘96 Miata, the factory key code is actually the valet key). Oh and oil change (first one with oversized filter).


Many more updates to come and I haven’t even gotten my refund check yet!