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Calling it the Super MR for now because I haven't bothered to think of a name yet. So far it weighs around 3000lbs with 380hp and 200 and some odd lb ft of torque from a 2.ol I4 Turbo going to the rear wheels through a 6 speed sequential gear box. It does a 1:21 around the games version of the TopGear Test Track, putting it in the same group as the Ford GT and Porsche Cayman GTS. I'm hoping to push it to under 1:20, but I think I'm pushing the limits of its current engine, and thinking to make a 2.0l V8 TT and hopefully get it to over 500hp and twice the torque it has now. I hope the add more engines in soon though I want to see a rotary, V6, V4, and some boxer engines maybe even a turbine engine. Also twin charging and hybrid systems would be awesome.

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